6 Actions To Take When You’ve Hit a Pothole

With a winter like we have just had in Southwestern Ontario, potholes are a major concern for all commuters. Last year, a research firm estimated that the cost of pothole damage nationally would cost Canada’s drivers nearly $3 billion. So if you hit a really tough pothole and your car suffers damage, take your vehicle to Courtesy Ford Lincoln’s Service Centre where our certified technicians with years of experience can inspect it right away and begin repairs. Responding to damage in a quick manner can help save you from future costly repairs. However, here are 6 tips from our technicians on what to do as soon as your car suffers damage from a pothole.

1) Check Your Tires and Wheels

First thing you have to do is check for any low pressure from the tire. You also have to check if the tire has suffered any cuts or gouges. Also, inspect the rims for cracks or missing pieces, which may also indicate damage. Since bent wheels can be difficult to observe if you do not have a tire balance machine handy, a cracked rim in your wheel could indicate that the wheels have been damaged.

 2) Check the Balance of Your Tires and Wheels

Hitting a pothole can affect the balance of your wheel, considerably affecting the quality of the handling. While driving, if you notice the car vibrating and shaking you may have a serious tire balance problem. Having a balance problem can cause unnecessary stress to your car’s suspension, which in turn can increase the fuel consumption and add wear to the tires.

 3) Steering alignment

While you are driving, if you have to hold the steering wheel to a certain angle for your vehicle to go straight or if the steering consistently pulls the car to one side, this means your alignment is off. Having a wrong steering alignment could effect the tread of your tires by giving them uneven or accelerated tear. In addition to this, it can also severely affect the handling of your vehicle.

 4) Suspension Components

Potholes can also damage your suspension. If you sustain damage to the suspension of your vehicle, you will experience alignment issues. Damaging your suspension can cause looseness in your steering and difficulty when straightening out after turning. This means your vehicle may begin to sway or rock, bounce or bottom out, causing even more effort when steering.

 5) Undercarriage

Oil or Coolant leaks in the undercarriage of your vehicle can also be a major sign of pothole damage. If you don’t address this damage, these leaks could become serious even leading to engine damage.

Exhaust System

Hitting a pothole can also damage your exhaust system. You can tell if your exhaust system has been damaged if it emits loud or strange noises, which can indicate a possible leak. Due to the nature of the muffler system and how it routes exhaust fumes away from the cabin, allowing the engine to run efficiently, this could become a big issue if it is not properly addressed.

Here’s how to fight back once you’ve struck the pothole:

After having looked for damage, check your tire’s air pressure. Ensure that they are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended levels. Having and maintaining a properly inflated tire is your first line of defence.

Once this has been done, visit Courtesy Ford Lincoln’s Service Centre, where our certified technicians will perform a multi-point inspection on your vehicle. They will also do an alignment check, which will help prevent damage to your tires while allowing safe handling in an emergency. Our team have genuine expertise when it comes to your vehicle, which means that your service and maintenance will be performed promptly and in a correct manner. In addition to this, we have genuine Ford and Motor craft that are made specifically for your vehicle and our technicians have been factory trained specialists on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. Furthermore, we offer competitive prices on all your vehicle needs.


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