Auto Dealer’s London Ontario Offer Attracts Many Buyers with Bad Credit

Auto Dealer’s London Ontario Offer Attracts Many Buyers with Bad Credit

London, Ontario, May 28th 2014

Courtesy Ford Lincoln Sales, based in London Ontario, is offering a 100 percent car loan approval guarantee. This provides a great opportunity for those people in the area who may have thought they could not afford a vehicle.

Courtesy Ford Lincoln Sales is now the car dealer people can turn to if they are in need of an auto loan and have a troubled financial history or are struggling with a bad credit score. When dealing with bad credit, it becomes extraordinarily hard to get an auto loan. Once a bank or other lender sees that an applicant has a sordid credit history, they will simply ignore the application. However, when it comes to auto dealers, London Ontario’s Courtesy Ford Lincoln Sales is introducing a new way to get more people in nicer cars.

In today’s market, potential car buyers need to be wary of money traps set by the many questionable companies that make false promises about approving everyone or not checking credit. These businesses will typically destroy the buyer’s credit score with crippling interest rates. Low quality cars and loans are about all that clients of these businesses can expect.

One of the main goals of Courtesy Ford Lincoln Sales is to provide every one of their clients with high quality cars and service in addition to giving approvals to 100 percent of their loan applicants. In order to find just the right loan for their customers, each application is carefully examined. When the application is submitted, the unique approval system Courtesy Ford Lincoln Sales uses begins.

Without discrimination based on history or credit score, each application is instantly processed. The best lenders, who specialize in bad credit applicants, compete with each other to provide the best loan to the potential new car buyer. This means the highest maximums, the best possible offers, no hidden fees, and the lowest rates are available to each applicant.

The 100 percent car loan approvals are determined quickly, easily, and discreetly. Applicants do not need to worry about their place of employment being contacted. These loan approvals even apply to brand new cars. And, by taking part in the Courtesy Ford Lincoln Sales loan process, buyers will take steps to reestablish their credit and improve their financial fitness.

When looking for auto dealers, London Ontario residents with poor credit or a damaged financial history now have somewhere to go for a new car.

About Courtesy Ford Lincoln Sales

When it comes to auto dealers, London Ontario’s leader is Courtesy Ford Lincoln Sales. They are a Lincoln and Ford dealer that offers new trucks, crossovers, Fords, hybrids, SUVs, and Lincoln cars. They offer a high quality, interactive website that allows users to search for all new 2013, 2014, and 2015 Lincolns and Fords, such as MKZ, C-MAX, Navigator, MKS, Fusion, Focus, Expedition, Econoline Wagon, Explorer, Flex, MKX, Transit Connect, Mustang, Escape, Edge, and many more.

Please visit Courtesy Ford Lincoln Sales’ blog for more information about their services and vehicles:

Mark Stevens is an avid automotive enthusiast and is the General Manager of Sales at Courtesy Ford Lincoln, London, Ontario.


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