Auto Sales London Ontario: The Car Make that Was Once Avoided Is Now King among Gearheads

Auto Sales London Ontario: The Car Make that Was Once Avoided Is Now King among Gearheads

Who has not heard the joke that Ford stands for “Found On Road Dead” or some similarly derogatory phrase? For many years there, Ford was one of the most maligned makes. But, whether it was from the wakeup call associated with the TARP legislation or some other reason, Ford is producing better vehicles than ever before and experiencing a resurgence. This is evidenced by their increased auto sales. London Ontario is served by Courtesy Ford Lincoln Sales. They have compiled a list of 8 reasons why now is the best time to get a Ford.

1.       Commitment to Being Eco-Friendly

Ford continues to prove that they are eco-friendly with the second largest fleet of hybrid vehicles and the all-electric Ford Focus. Ford is decreasing the amount of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere by increasing the overall fuel economy of all of the vehicles they manufacture.

2.       Heavy Duty Trucks

The best built and toughest trucks are made by Ford. There is no denying that. The contractor’s work truck of choice is the F-250, and the best-selling truck in the world is the F-150.

3.       Ford Has Some of the Best Safety Features

Ford trucks and cars consistently earn top marks when it comes to safety ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Ford is setting the standard for safety using innovations like lane departure warnings and inflatable rear safety belts.

4.       Ford Has History

Quality is an integral part of Ford Motor Company’s business of making trucks and cars. It is not just a tagline for commercials. Every Ford vehicle is tested to meet the highest standards of functionality and quality. This has been the case from Henry Ford’s pioneering days of the assembly line concept to the modern cutting edge manufacturing facilities.

5.       Endless Options

You get options with Ford trucks and cars. You can get just the Ford vehicle you want with more engine sizes, more styles, more features, and more trim levels. When it comes to Ford auto sales, London Ontario residents can find the exact vehicle they need.

6.       Dependability

Some of the most dependable vehicles on the road are Ford trucks and cars. Ford dependability comes through when you rely on your car or truck to get you where you need to go. You know you can trust your Ford due to the commitment to quality in every vehicle they make.

7.       Fuel Economy

The Ford EcoBoost engines prove that less is more when it comes to getting unmatched fuel economy without sacrificing power. To squeeze out more horsepower while keeping fuel consumption to a minimum, the EcoBoost engines use a turbocharged direct injection system with a smaller displacement.

8.       State of the Art Technology

With integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in, the Ford Sync with MyFord Touch is a voice activated, hands free system. To control the mobile applications on your mobile device, it also uses Sync AppLink.


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