Car Repair: London Residents Must Read This before Shelling out Money

Car Repair: London Residents Must Read This before Shelling out Money

You are faced with another high repair bill after your car fails on you again. You are getting fed up with pouring money into this aging machine, especially since this always seems to happen when money is tight. Getting a new car would be nice, but can you justify it? Is it really time to get a new ride, or would you be better off fixing your current car? To help you make your decision, Courtesy Ford Lincoln Sales can show you several sides to the issue, though ultimately, it depends on your specific situation.

Wear and Tear Costs Can Add up

Many high priced repairs are unavoidable even if you take the best of care of your car. Eventually, you need to replace brake rotors, axle boots, and other items that wear down. The timing belt is perhaps the most expensive repair on a high mileage car. It typically needs to be replaced at around 100,000 miles on many cars. Also at this point, other drive belts and the water pump should also be replaced. It may cost you up to $1100 or more for a timing belt replacement. Otherwise, you will likely see some major problems by 120,000 miles. Most people make long term decisions about their car at this time.

When Should You Fix It?

Currently, you may not be thinking about buying a new car. There are a few arguments for why you should go ahead and get car repairs. London denizens should consider the following:

  • Do you need the car to last just a little while longer? According to recent studies, people keep their car for around six years before trading it in. But, what if your car breaks down a year or two earlier than that? If you choose to get car repairs, London auto service centers can keep you from making a hasty new car purchase and keep you on the road. You can also get your finances in order by taking more time to save.
  • Buying a new car is typically still more expensive than replacing severe issues like a failed transmission or a blown motor, which can cost up to $8,000 or more. Of course, with that amount, you could make a nice down payment on a great car. Or, you could purchase a decent used car for that price.
  • Does your car have a lot of sentimental value? It could have been a gift from a loved one, a dream car you were able to find after years of searching, or perhaps it is your first car. Whatever the reason, it may be hard to part with an old friend.

When Buying New Is the Best Option

You swore to yourself that you would not put another penny into your car after the last trip for car repairs. London car dealerships are enticing you. A new car may be the right choice for you for the following reasons:

  • Your old car has you fed up. Maybe it rattles like crazy and embarrasses you. Or, perhaps the air conditioning does not work when you need it most. You want something new each time you see your coworkers’ sleek rides in the parking lot. This is understandable.
  • Future breakdowns are very rare with today’s new cars. An old car is like an aged racing horse. At any moment, he could go down and never recover. Another breakdown in the future is not out of the question after you spend money on repairs. Before you ever have to worry about paying for any major repairs, you likely have three years or more of solid driving with a new car.
  • Safety is a major concern. Thanks to state of the art safety equipment, new cars are safer than ever.

If you decide you are tired with the hassle of car repairs, Courtesy Ford Lincoln Sales can put you in a new car that is right for your needs and budget. Come on down and meet with our honest, low pressure sales team.


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