When should I Check the Brakes on My Ford?

When should I Check the Brakes on My Ford?

When it comes to brakes, if you’ve already started hearing screeches or grinding, it means that damage has already occurred. It is important to inspect your brakes regularly so that rotor damage (one of the main causes of screeching or grinding) doesn’t become an issue. A good rule of thumb to remember in these situations is inspect the brakes every time you change the oil. With the Works Fuel Saver Package from Ford, your brakes are inspected and rated based on how close you are to needing replacements.

Maintaining enough material on the brake pads is a great way of protecting the rotor. When your brake pads wear, they get thinner. The front part wear almost 2 times faster because there is more load placed on the front when stopping.

Surprisingly, weather doesn’t affect how fast your brakes wear but, it’s important to understand that cold weather can cause temporary grinding or screeching sound the first few times you apply the brakes. The friction from the application of the brakes warms up quickly though, so you shouldn’t hear that sound once the brakes have been applied a couple times. If you do, you’ll want to bring your vehicle in to your local Ford dealership for inspection.


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