De-Stressing Your Driving

Five Ways to De-stress While Driving

It’s no secret: driving can be stressful. Whether it’s a traffic jam that leaves you stuck in the middle of the highway, late for work or some one cutting you off dangerously even the shortest of trips can leave you frustrated and stressed out.

Don’t let these driving frustrations can get the best of you, here are five great tips on how to de-stress your drive next time you’re on the road.

1)    Find the Right Music: Music can evoke an emotional response from the listener, and is a great way of helping you calm your nerves while driving. But, be careful what type of music it is that you listen to while commuting. Aggressive music can increase the stress you are already feeling, making the situation worse. However, this doesn’t mean you have to listen to nature CD’s. Find a genre or songs that make you feel relaxed especially during particularly stressful times such as rush hour. Not sure what type of music is relaxing to you? Experts have suggested that music with slow tempos such as classical, jazz or adult contemporary are perfect examples of genres that relax the listener.

2)    Aromatherapy: Your sense of smell can have a dirt effect on the state of mind with which you drive. Try ridding yourself of some stress by adding aromatherapy scents to your vehicle. The next time you feel stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed inhale the fresh scents of lavender, bergamot, chamomile or lemon. These scents can calm your nerves and help you retain focus.

3)    Breathing Therapy: Relax and take a deep breath. Doctors and experts have found that deep, regulated breaths are a natural way of telling your body to slow down. Breathing exercises lower your blood pressure and heart rate, causing your body to relax. So the next time you find yourself in traffic, take a deep focused breath and let the calm come over you.

4)    Avoid Stress: One of the most effective ways of dealing with stress is to avoid it all together. If your commute involves the morning and evening rush hours, chances are that they will leave you frustrated. However, the good news is that rush hours are predictable and can be avoided. Try adjusting your work hours to avoid gridlock. If you cant do that then try to leave work earlier or later to avoid the traffic. These small changes can lead to less time commuting and less stress behind the wheel.

5)    Ford Technology: Ford has come up with some real cool technology that can help you avoid frustration behind the wheel. Sync allows you to connect your mobile phone and play a  low stress playlist to listen through the vehicle’s sound system. you can also use SYNC to find areas in your commute that are congested, so you can avoid them. Many Ford vehicles also come equipped with cabin air filters, allowing you to remove stressful odours and enhance the air quality inside your vehicle. In addition to this, Ford park assist allows Ford vehicles to park themselves. Finding a parking space, much less actually trying to park into them can be a nightmare for some. Ford Park Assist takes the stress out of the equation, allowing you cajole your way into the available spot.


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