Find How Innovative is the 2015 Ford F-150

Find How Innovative is the 2015 Ford F-150

With renewed interest in the purchase of trucks, we are surely coming upon an interesting release in the form of the 2015 Ford F-150. With MPG standards being upped by the federal government, it’s been seen as a challenge to manufacturers to produce a better product. New fuel-efficient methods have been employed in the making of the 2015 Ford F-150 to accomplish this task.

Bestowed with the accomplishment of having had the best-selling truck every year for the past thirty-seven years, the 2015 F-150 is the greatest remake of any model in company history. Here we examine some new features to expect with your 2015 Ford F-150.

Aluminum body
Aluminum is a material commonly used on luxury cars or sports vehicles but employed in the F-150 design, it means less weight to carry – up to 700 pounds of less weight!

Eco-Boost Engines
Launching the 3.5-liter V6 engine three years ago in an attempt to challenge the V8 was met with a warm reception upon release and since then, Ford has improved upon the model. The new 2.7-liter V6 with 325 horsepower and 375 pound-feet of torque features technologies that will keep your 2015 F-150 running better than any other F-150.

Electronic Display
The all-new touchscreen display allows a driver to see their fuel economy, off-roading statistics, and tire pressure among a vast array of vehicle specifications.

Exterior Cameras
With the most advanced technologies in the industry, Ford has chosen to incorporate a 360-degree camera into the F-150’s design to make low-speed moves that much easier. Guide yourself more safely in nearly any situation where the traditional view would be obstructed.

Driver Assist
New features such as blind spot detection, lane keeping assistance, curve control, forward collision warning, radar cruise control, hill descent control, and Ford’s own patented Active Park Assist system, mean an F-150 that is the first full-size truck to come with most of these already built-in.

LED Lighting
Watch your night time visibility improve through the use of LED headlights and taillights. There’s further LED lighting incorporated in the cargo bed, the tailgate handle, the exterior mirrors’ puddle lamps, and on the exterior mirrors spotlight locations. Now a driver will have the visibility to not only drive their F-150 safely but without sacrificing that trademark Ford style.

170-Degree Doors
Through removing the rear B-pillar and including a rear door with a 170 degree rotation, see an increased functionality. Load in whatever items you need without any trouble.

Cargo Flexibility
With a 600 pound load capacity per each mounting location, this means a secure journey for the cargo you’re transporting. With its inner panels heavily reinforced to the multiple tie-down points, the F-150 in remarkably versatile in what it can carry.

Box Steps
Kick it down and step up. It’s as simple as that with the new kick-down box side step incorporated into the 2015 F-150 design. Getting into and out of the F-150 has never been easier with this added piece of hardware.

Remote Tailgate
The F-150 incorporates optional remote locking and unlocking as well as an opening for the body panel which makes for the first F-150 or truck of any kind to come complete with a remote opening tailgate. This new aluminum addition has never been easier to operate, weighs less, and fastens in securely.

The wide range of innovations incorporated into the 2015 Ford F-150 translates to it being the crown jewel of accomplishment this year for the company. Attaining the aforementioned miles-per-gallon standards while keeping drivers safer and more secure than ever before, the F-150 was already a reliable high quality truck brand but now is, no doubt, the number one brand of its kind.

The 2013 F-150s topped the market at nearly 650,000 sold and the 2014 F-150s are on tap to equal that number by the end of the year. The upcoming 2015 F-150 could very well eclipse these numbers with these innovations incorporated into the design. These additions have made for considerable buzz in the truck market with many wondering how the radical nature of its redesign will come across to truck buyers.

There’s one thing for certain however. Nowhere else will anyone find a better truck than the 2015 F-150. The number one truck in the industry, it beats everything that has come behind it by a mile and a half.


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