How Ford Has Already Started Building the 2016 Mustang

How Ford Has Already Started Building the 2016 Mustang

Recent spy shots of the 2016 Mustang being tested in Germany’s famed Nurburgring testing facility have been released recently causing a commotion in the auto industry. Based on the photos, it seems that the Mustang SVT being tested is the successor to the legendary Boss 302 vehicle. The Boss 302 was offered from 2012-13, available exclusively with manual transmission, a 444 horsepower V8 and other track-ready hardware. This will give the 2016 Mustang even more bite, giving drivers a great experience when they get behind the wheel.

Although the spy photos show customary heavy camouflage on the Mustang, the shape of the car is somewhat visible. For one, it shows that the car will have a very aero-dynamic style, with an aggressive front splitter and flared rear fenders. There also seems to have been a wheel and tire upgrade, with more rubber being added to the rear tires. And the tires are Michelin Pilot Super Sports, typically reserved for ultra high performance models and sports cars. There is other evidence that the 2016 Mustang SVT will be a high performance sports car, with cross drilled brake rotors and quad exhaust tips framed with full width rear diffusers.

Under the hood, it is rumoured that the Mustang SVT will feature Twin Turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engines. However, other sources are indicating that the engine might be the 5.0 litre Ford Voodoo V8, which is based on the Coyote V8 found in the Mustang GT. The Voodoo engine has promised serious upgrades, providing higher redline and a crankshaft that will facilitate the acceleration of the vehicle. All this means the 2016 Mustang will be working with well over 500 horsepower.

All that being said, the 2016 Ford Mustang SVT’s debut will not be for another year. Stay tuned with Courtesy Ford for any  more updates the closer we get to the production and release of this game changing sports car. And for a test drive of the current 2015 Mustang, come into our showroom and we’ll show you why the Mustang is the greatest muscle car ever.


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