Ford Built Tough

Ford Built Tough

 At the Drake Ranch, Ford vehicles are relied on heavily. There lies a fleet of white Ford Super Duty 4x4s which are put to the test every single day.

Scott Drake, is the third generation owner of the farm and ranch, which sits just outside of the Flint Hills in rural Kansas. His spouse, Shana, also grew up in the country around cattle and horses, spending most of her childhood at her grandparent’s farm. Married for 26 years with three children the couple runs the ranch and farm as a family business.

“Cattle production is our main focus,” Scott explains. The Drakes also grow wheat, soybeans, milo and corn. The ranch itself is about 4,500 acres of native grass pasture and 1,000 acres of farmland. “Pastureland in the Flint Hills can be extremely rocky terrain with steep inclines,” Shana says. “At certain times of the year we deal with frozen ground, snow and mud. Sometimes we need enough power to pull vehicles and farm implements out of rough situations.”

So what does Scott use to make up his fleet? The Drakes employ the services of a 2000 F-350 Super Duty Diesel Crew Cab, a 1999 F-250 Super Duty extended cab, a F-350 Super Duty Diesel single cab and a classic 1974 F-700 grain truck. These are used to haul wheat, milo, soybeans and haul brush, rocks, excess tree limbs and sand. in addition to this, Scott uses the 2012 F-350 on gravel roads and pasture using his truck as an office.

Scott and the Drake family swear by Ford trucks, believing that Ford trucks are the only ones that are heavy and tough enough to move the equipment, haul the large trailers of cattle and carry bales of hay across the rough terrain at the ranch. “Anything less than a one ton truck,” Scott says, “would not cut the mustard out here.” Scott believes that the power of the diesel engine and the heavy suspensions designed by Ford engineers make the necessary difference in Ford’s performance on the ranch. The trucks have therefore been repeatedly called upon whenever he has needed to help pull friends and neighbours out of snowbanks or ditches.

Shana Drake

Shana’s primary truck is the 2000 F-350. “I’m only five feet tall and 105 pounds,” she says, “My friends get a kick out of me driving such a large vehicle, but I will never drive a car again.” Shana enjoys the towing power, visibility, comfort and safe feeling behind the wheel. With over 270,000 miles, the truck still runs like a dream, Shana says.


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