Ford Escape Features

Here at Courtesy Ford, we understand that modern vehicles can leave some people overwhelmed with all the new features that can distract a driver such as flashing lights, phones ringing, changing music. A lot of people are not even aware of all that their car is capable of doing. The Ford Motor Company and their team of world class engineers have been working on ways to reduce the amount of distractions that drivers have to face in a creative and unique way. No, they will not be adding additional buttons or anything that will take your eye off of what you should be doing, driving. A lot of these new features have made the Ford Explorer a truly unique and fun drive. Here is a quick run down of some of the features available in this great SUV.

1)    Electronic Power Steering: Ford has installed new sensors that measure driver input and the exterior changing road conditions. This allows it to make seamless adjustments to automatically compensate for any situations like cross winds or crowned roads.

2)    Rain Sensing Wipers: Gone are the days when you will have to manually turn on your wipers when the rain begins pouring. Optical sensors in the wipers of the Ford Escape adjust to the speed of the rain falling, making sure you always have a clear view of the road in front of you

3)    Torque Vectoring Control: any time you turn in the Explorer, the vehicle will apply a small amount of brake on the inside wheel, allowing you to make the turn in the safest way possible

4)    Low Tire Pressure Warning: Tires with low air pressure are a danger to the driver and the passengers. Under-inflated tires become flatter as the wheels roll. Properly filled tires can save you fuel and money, minimize your emissions and keep you and your passengers safe. The Explorer will give you a warning before something happens.

5)    Active Park Assist: Parallel Parking is a stuff of nightmares for many drivers, and the active park assist makes parallel parking stress free. With the simple press of a button, the Escape is able to detect any parallel parking space and automatically park the car into the space, without the driver having to touch the steering wheel. All the driver has to control is the accelerator, gearshift and brakes. The active park assist technology using an ultrasonic sensing system to identify the position, calculates the steering angle and steers the vehicle into the parking spot while simply providing instructions to coach the driver during the entire manoeuvre.

6)    Adaptive Cruise Control: provides everything that a conventional cruise control does but uses advances sonic technology to scan the environment for slower vehicles ahead and slow the Escape to adapt to the current traffic conditions.

7)    MyKey: MyKey is a great addition for concerned parents everywhere! It allows parents to set limitations to the car’s features when your child is behind the wheel. It means allowing you to place a limit on speed in the car, the amount of stereo volume and even require the driver and passenger’s seat belts to be in place before driving.

8)    Voice Commands: With SYNC technology available in the Escape you can use over 10, 000 commands to adjust all types of settings in the car such as fiddling with the radio.


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