How Ford Sync Can Bring Safe Driving and Your Smartphone Together

How Ford Sync Can Bring Safe Driving and Your Smartphone Together

One of the biggest problems on the road today, in Canada and throughout the world, is drivers looking down at their smart phones while they drive. These drivers could be texting, or surfing the web, or changing the tracks on their phone or even checking the fastest directions to their child’s recital. If you buy a new Ford however, some of your apps from both iOS and Android smartphones can work with steering wheel controls, letting you keep your eyes on the road.

Sync AppLink has just been released on many Ford vehicles and is rolling throughout the rest of the year into 2015 for many of our models. On your iPhone and Android phone, the precise phone models which are supported is not clear yet – you just have to download the Ford Sync AppLink app. Whenever you want to use one of the AppLink’s compatible apps, there is no need for you to even touch your phone, all you need to do is use the car’s control to take care of everything.

When you choose the Ford Sync system for your vehicle, you gain a variety of different benefits. You will be able to make and receive phone calls without using your hands, even being able to receive audible text messages through the system. However there are other obvious  benefits that comes with the feature. One of the most obvious ones is that the system allows you to be much safer while on the road. Through the use of Ford SYNC technology all the things you do on your smart phone can be accomplished without ever taking your eyes off the road or being overtly distracted.

Another great benefit that comes with the system is the fact that the Ford SYNC helps save time while you are driving. With SYNC you get a built in navigation system that you can access at any time. This makes both longer and shorter trips easier. Of course all this is done hands free, thereby saving even more time.

SYNC is also great in the unfortunate event of an accident. If your car is involved in a collision, SYNC technology can help contact the emergency services so that you can get help quick. SYNC technology has the potential to be a real safety feature for you and your family.

So if you think that a Ford SYNC system is the right choice for you and your vehicle, come in to Courtesy Ford Lincoln today and test drive some of our vehicles that come with SYNC technology today. You can get the feature added to a lot of Ford models, although it will cost a little extra to be installed in your car, the benefits pay for themselves along the way as it allows you to worry less and focus on the road more.


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