Ford and Terry Fox: Linked Forever

Ford and Terry Fox: Linked Forever

Terry Fox is one of the most iconic figures in Canadian history. His Marathon Of Hope has inspired millions in this country since he began running it in 1980, and has been the cause for millions to be donated towards cancer research. One of the little known facts regarding the marathon, that it was a Ford Econoline Van that accompanied him along the way.

Terry’s brother Darrell, along with his friend Doug Alward drove the van and the Econoline also served as a home for the crew as they ran coast to coast raising money for cancer. “If there is one company that is associated with Terry, it’s Ford,” says Pam Damoff, chairperson of the Terry Fox Run and town councillor for Oakville. “Everyone remembers the van and Terry and Doug driving across Canada.”

The beige Econoline camper, marked with the name of Terry Fox’s campaign and its noble purpose is now displayed at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec. The van which followed Terry on his incredible and inspiration journey was actually discovered only recently in East Vancouver. Interestingly enough, it had been driven for many years in London, Ontario and only later became a touring vehicle for a Vancouver area rock band. The vehicle was dismantled and restored by the Ford company back to its original 1980 condition. The result, a culmination of work by a dedicated team of professionals working for up to 1000 hours, was Terry Ford’s Econoline Van just as it was in 1980.

The van was handed over back to the Terry Fox Foundation in a ceremony in Oakville, Ontario to be used to recall the memory of the Marathon of Hope and to help support Fox’s goals of raising funds to find a cure for cancer, a disease that eventually took his own life.


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