Ford Tips for Bike Owners

Ford Tips for Bike Owners

With the beautiful autumn months approaching, it is the perfect time to break out your bicycle for a refreshing bike ride. Here at Courtesy Ford Lincoln, we would love to share some tips and pointers to help you make the most of your bike rides this autumn.

Transporting Your Bike

Some of the best locations for a great relaxing bike ride can be close to wherever you live, but a lot of times they may not be. If you want to take advantage of the best trails, you might have to take your bike on your car to get there. For many people, bicycles are bulky and a little cumbersome to pack. However, when you have the right tools and tips, you can reduce the hassle.

Naturally, a bike rack is the easiest way to take your bike to whichever trail or park you want to go. There are a number of options available to suit any type of vehicle and usage levels.

One of the best ways is using a hitch rack, which uses your vehicle’s trailer hitch to place bikes in the rear of the vehicle and is offered by Ford Accessories. Depending on the size and style of your vehicle, hitch racks can be used to take one or several bikes simultaneously. Hitch mounts are say to install and can transport bikes without you having to remove any wheel from the bicycle. This being said, since they require the use of a trailer hitch, it may not be the most suitable choice for a smaller vehicle.

Another common method of transporting bicycles is through the use of roof mounted racks. These racks are built unto the top of the car, and allow you to transport the car overhead. These racks are a great fit for a large number of bikes and are convertible, alowing them to be used for extra storage. That being said, one of the short comings is that they can be complicated to install and may well limit your parking and driving options given the fact that they add extra height to your vehicle.

Regardless of which rack you use, do make sure to avoid contact between your bike and the vehicle. Doing so may cause friction which can cause damage to both. Furthermore, strip your bicycle of any accessories before mounting it on a rack. The accessories can fall off while you drive, thereby causing a safety hazard.

Tips for Drivers

According to the law in Canada, while on the road,  bicycles have as much right to be on the road as other vehicles. This means they need to follow all traffic laws that may apply to other motor vehicles. Therefore, treat bicyclists with the same respect you would a slow moving vehicle. Give bicyclists a lot of space and try not to crowd or tailgate them as this is extremely dangerous. According to experts, the safety way of action is to leave 3 feet of space between you and a cyclist when you pass them. In addition to this, be on the lookout for hand gestures that can signal a bike rider’s intentions. A left arm extended straight out means a left turn is coming, while a left arm extended and bent upwards at a 90 degree angle means the cyclist is turning right.

Top Cars For Cyclists

Ford provides plenty of vehicle options for cyclists who need a car that can best help them transport their gear to the tracks and parks where they wish to bike.

The Ford Edge is a great car that combines performance, space and technology. It is also great to transport your bike. If your favourite track is off the beaten path, the best vehicles could be the Ford Escape and Ford Explorer.  They provide extra cargo room and an available hitch which allows you to transport you bikes easily. Furthermore, the Ford Transit Connect Wagon has space for your bike and your gear, adding sliding doors that allow easy access. Come in to Courtesy Ford Lincoln today and test drive any of these great vehicles today or ask one of our trained professionals for any extra safety tips when it comes to transporting your bicycle this autumn.


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