Learn How You Would Become a Real Ford Truck Guy

Learn How You Would Become a Real Ford Truck Guy

The Ford Motor Company is not only an institution that has been firmly established in the lexicon of American culture for nearly the past hundred years but it continues to make high quality vehicles up until this day. The company continues to innovate with new environmentally friendly additions thus improving the design on newer models, and challenging competitors to try and match.

The audience for Ford’s vehicles in the first half of the twentieth century were farmers, manual labourers, and small business owners that needed a vehicle that was built strong and made to last. Not much has changed since then. The F-Series is the best-selling truck in North America and has been for the past thirty years. If you want to learn how to become a real Ford Truck guy then there are a few things to remember.

Be Ford Tough
The F-Series are used all around the country for some of the toughest jobs out there because they can handle it. If you work in an industry that is work-intensive or that consists primarily of labour work then the F-Series is the right choice for the job. Purchase a Ford because it’s tough. Drive a Ford because you’re tough.

Welcome yourself to the Ford Group
Those that own Ford F-Series trucks know that they have a friend in fellow Ford owners – of which there are many throughout the country. In the past fifty-five years, over three million Canadian customers have put money down for the F-Series. These aren’t simply one-time customers. Every ninety-five seconds, a new Ford truck is bought by a Canadian. Once a Ford, always a Ford. Welcome yourself to the family.

Buy a Ford and own one of the most recognized trucks in all of the industry
Every year the company is rewarded with awards and recognitions from publications far and wide who commend the company for many reasons including performance and safety. With every Ford release, the product dominated the intended market. The Ford Motor Company continues to make advancements in technologies every year to further improve the performance of their vehicles. Be on the cutting edge of innovation with a Ford purchase and its series of trucks that are highly sought after.

Purchase the 2015 F-150 and have the greatest truck ever manufactured – by miles!
With the most recent additions to the F-Series, the 2015 F-150 will go down as one of the greatest trucks in the history of manufacturing. With its military-grade aluminum body, strong steel frame, gas mileage up to 23 MPG, and unmatched power with 4 different choices in engine, the new F-150 is the epitome of what it is to drive a Ford truck.

If you want to learn about how to become a real Ford Truck guy then know that it’s not only about the vehicle you drive but the man in the driver’s seat. A Ford Truck guy knows what tough is and isn’t afraid to take on a little extra in order to accomplish his goals. A Ford Truck guy isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and will do whatever he needs to do in order to get where he’s going. A Ford Truck guy knows that the vehicle he has is going to be able to accommodate any terrain he sees out in front of him. This is what the F-Series is about.

It’ll be one of the smartest choices you’ll ever make to purchase a Ford and after owning their first, many never return to another brand name. The product is from a company operating at the top of their game and who are offering additional services that their competition simply cannot provide. Safe, reliable, and incredibly strong – it’s in the Ford name.

“Ford Tough” isn’t merely a catchphrase or a nice pair of words. It stands for something. So does the company’s customers. This country was built on hard work, determination, and commitment. The Ford Motor Company has been working with the modern day’s pioneers for decades and will continue to provide these individuals with trucks that are top in the industry for decades to come. In a market where there are only a few brand names a consumer trust, the Ford Motor Company is a family name and a company built by North Americans for North Americans.


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