A Look at the 2015 Ford F150 Platinum

A Look at the 2015 Ford F150 Platinum

2015 looks to be a big year for the Ford franchise. Muscle car enthusiasts are already buzzing in a feeding-frenzy anticipating the overhauled 2015 Mustang, and now the blue-collar working world is about to be rocked by the latest edition of the Ford F-150 Platinum. Many automotive experts are predicting that this updated model will be the next hottest-selling truck in the world, and it isn’t a difficult thing to imagine considering the success of the F150 as the best-selling vehicle in America.  In anticipation of this phenomenal release, this article takes a look inside the Ford F150 Platinum, highlighting the attentiveness to customer feedback that led to innovations in electronic features, material use, and increased visibility that has thrilled the industry.

Breakthrough in material usage


The Ford F-150 has undergone a major structural modification, with more than 70% of the previously steel frame being replaced with high-strength and military-grade aluminum alloy. The fenders, doors, cab, cab structure, and box are all largely comprised of this high-grade alloy. This material is stronger, stiffer, and most noticeably, much lighter than its steel predecessor. In total, this change takes roughly 700 pounds of weight off of the shoulders of the F150.

When you take 700 pounds off of a vehicle, you benefit in a number of ways. Your truck is now capable of accelerating and stopping much faster. The new F150 will also have much-improved fuel economy on the merits of its lighter frame alone, and these benefits will be magnified by Ford’s new EcoBoost engine technologies.

Unparalleled visibility


One of Ford’s most noble efforts with the release of the new 2015 F150 Platinum can be seen in their attentiveness to customer feedback. Ford received a number of requests for increased visibility, and their answer was enough to silence even the most ardent of critics. The end result is a vehicle highly-tailored to customer feedback, maximizing visibility through the F150’s lighting, architecture, and electronic features.

The makers understood that customers loved high-visibility lighting, and provided light sources everywhere they could in response. The 2015 F150 is the first vehicle to introduce LED headlamps, which give a brilliant white light off. The truck has lighting all around the body, minimizing dark spots on every conceivable step-up, interface panel, or key-hole. A spotlight on the mirror acts similarly to a police car’s spotlight, and is moveable along with the adjustable side mirrors. This spotlight feature is ideal for camping trips or any type of late-night overtime work, and easily turns on and off with the flick of a switch.

The F150’s camera options provide unprecedented visibility, giving the driver eyes in places they could never access from their seat behind the wheel. Typical of Ford, the extra visibility was made with blue collar customers in mind, as they are often forced to navigate uneven roads and difficult terrain while getting the job done. A front-view grill camera contributes to the vehicle’s 360-degree view, and its positioning at the front of the vehicle offers an extended look ahead that would be inaccessible from the driver’s conventional position. This camera also gives a near-180-degree view that would be similar to what you would see if sitting on the hood of the car and turning your head from left to right.

Finally, the F150’s architecture bolstered driver’s sight lines in ways that previous models could not. The side-panel beltline is dropped down an inch near the driver’s shoulder, and drops down to 2 inches below the previous model as it runs towards the dash. This creates much more visibility with a bigger driver-side window.

Electronic features


Made again with blue-collar workers in mind, the Ford F150 offers 400w/110v converters so that tool batteries and heavy-duty lighting can be charged or plugged in. This is a significant step up from the typical 150w.

When you need to set your hitch in action, Ford’s innovative trailer features make the job that much easier. A smart trailer tow module provides the driver with constant information about the status of running and brake lights to keep you independent, while a constant battery charge status minder keeps you on top of your charge. This interface can also give detailed information about tire pressures while driving straight or around corners, and different ways to view your fuel consumption.


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