A look at the Brand New 2015 Ford Mustang

The brand new Ford Mustang has a lot of amazing new features brought to you by the engineers at Ford Motor Company. The 2015 Mustang has undergone a few changes to give the car a more menacing and powerful look with a sleek design. Here are some of the design changes that make the 2015 Mustang the best yet.

Sleeker side windows. The Mustang has gone through an upgrade with the side windows that give it a seamless and streamlined look across the body. In addition to this, the rear window has also been adjusted with a new “widow’s peak” design.

The front of the car has also gone through some adjustments, with new hood vents that makes it look as if the Mustang was flaring it’s nostrils. The chassis has also been made more spacious and now includes independent rear suspension. Even the headlights have now been replaced with a brand new design, made to give the 2015 Mustang a more ferocious look.

Finally, the transformation is made complete by the new body design. Ford Engineers have made the Ford Mustang almost 200 lbs. lighter in the 2015 model. This makes the car more streamlined without losing any of the power that the Mustang is legendary for. The result? A car with industry leading horsepower and a speed demon of a car, as fast as a Boeing 737 ready for take off.

Ford Mustang Infographic

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